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A pair of lifelong mates, a couple off-road buggies, and our new range of soft shell jackets. Our next epic mission saw our team link up with Off-Road Adventures, a family-owned and operated business that has been a staple for Queenstown thrill-seekers the last 32 years. The 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler adventure park has been in the Columb family since it was founded and a family that our very own founder has been close to since day dot.

General Manager Scotty Columb has been around the block a few times with our owner Seadon Baker, so it was no surprise at the old tales flung around throughout the day; some a little dustier than others no doubt. Nevertheless, our team which included a few ilabb pro team riders, and a newly hired Brand Manager fresh out of managed isolation we set off into the woods to rip some dirt and let the hair down.

Now aside from having the time of our life cranking the throttle, caining through broken trails, we were there to do a job. A job that yes may look like the best job on the planet, but a job we take very seriously. We were there to put our soft shell jackets to the ultimate test and wrap with the conclusion that these jackets were built different. Built to a standard that sets ourselves apart from our competition and sets the standard for all future light-weight outerwear.

Scotty C definitely helped this tedious task as he showed us around some epic terrain, and gave us the tools to tear through waterlogged trenches, get sideways around a couple 30 tonne rocks and battle through all the laughter and screaming one could ever command. Not only was Scotty C the best tour guide for Queenstown Hill but his team were hospitable beyond belief providing the whole crew with half-time sammys and cold beverages (non-alcoholic) to keep everyone fueled and refreshed.

An experience that we can’t recommend enough to anybody making their way to Queenstown. If you’re after safe yet extreme fun on either 2-wheels or four down in New Zealand, then you need to get in touch with Scotty and the Off-Road team.

Offroad Aventures