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How long have you been mountain biking? How did you get into it?

I bought a bike in October 2019, and haven't stopped riding since, I’d say I probably ride from 4 to sometimes 6 days a week. I went straight into the deep-end and had to learn fast, riding with some of the best Chilean riders in the West Coast. Two of the first trails I ever rode were Howler (in Whistler) and 5th Horseman (on Cypress Mountain in North Vancouver)!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Between wrenching on bikes you can find me outdoors biking, skiing, hiking or driving up the highest FSR in the area.

What's been your worst crash over the years?

The classic closing day crash. Landed in a rain rut off a jump in the park; not much correction at that speed. It was full speed off the bike and into beautifully shaped compact dirt on Dirt Merchant. I got a concussion and some good muscle/tendon damage. Lucky to have walked away relatively in one piece.

Favourite place to ride in British Columbia?


What is your go-to piece of riding kit?

Thanks to ilabb I got to try a bit of everything from the range. I am most comfortable in the Lomon 3/4 and it is the nicest material I have ever put on.

What barrier breaker moment are you most proud of?

Off the bike - Stay tuned and keep your eyes out for a Chrome Van wrenching on some bikes! On the bike - it would have to be the day I jumped Crab Apple Hits!

Do you have a favourite motto or saying?

"Everyday is the Best Day of Your Life"