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In what could be one of the most anticipated missions of the year we had the privilege of teaming up with HeliBike NZ to test out a product range that we have been working on for the last 18 months. A product range that we have coined the Traverse Range as an ode to the epic terrains we crossed and battled through.

We have long been fans of finding epic lines amongst the clouds and that is exactly what HeliBike NZ helped us achieve. Epic views, epic lines and a crew that could only be described as you guessed it; epic! Ilabb pro-riders Jess Blewitt and Brooke Thompson joined the mission alongside Tim Gudsell from Ventouro and kiwi music icon P-Digsss from Shapeshifter and The Peacekeepers. To top the crew off we were led by a man that can only be listed as an educated lunatic; local daredevil and HeliBike NZ owner Henry van Asch.

We began the day by stock piling into one of the squirrel helicopters and took aim at the backcountry of Queenstown for a day of magical riding all the while being accompanied by scenes that you couldn’t paint even if you had the right hand of da Vinci himself. The descend started on Mt. Edward where we traversed along various ridge lines all having creative freedom to seek our own lines before coming together for an impromptu whip-off. One couldn't craft a more scenic ride as we took in 360 degrees views of Queenstown and her surrounding lakes, valleys and mountains.

We battled our way back to the Gibbston Valley winery where we gathered our jaws and loaded back into the heli to make a bee-line for Crown Peak and began the second half of the day. Crown Peak offered two picture-perfect descents with the team choosing to hit the narrow ridge-line and head ‘off-piste’ on tussock. Here we decided to get a little jiggy with it and play a game of cat and mouse. Half the team played mouse and rode ahead whilst the others chased them to see who could get down to Arrowtown the fastest (loser shouted beers, a simple chase that proved its weight in gold).

We brought to a close to an epic day out with Henry and the HeliBike team listening to some of the most wild stories one could ever share as we clanked jugs and passed a few pizzas around.

For any thrill seeker or first timer looking to get out of their comfort zone, HeliBike NZ are the real deal. Super hospitable and ensured the team was well looked after. For all details and info jump over to and enjoy the ride!