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We’re excited to partner with this absolute shredder who will be joining our global team. Vinny has made her mark on the freeride scene winning multiple Crankworx Whip-Offs, building and riding epic lines at Red Bull Formation in Virgin, Utah for the last 2 years running - known as one of the most iconic freeride landscapes in the world and she continues to crush whatever comes her way. Vinny has a bright future ahead and we’re honoured to be on the global stage with her this season!

“I’m stoked to join the ilabb team and get behind a local brand that lets my creative side flow. I’m really excited to be part of a global team of riders with some big names, and I can’t wait to see how this year plays out!” - Vinny Armstrong

“After being at the local dream ride spots and seeing this chick absolutely shredding the park to pieces, I asked someone who that was… Then not long after I was at a local MTB crew’s party and met Vinny officially for the first time. Pretty much the first question I asked her was “Do you want to join the ilabb family?”, to which she said yes! The rest is history and we are so stoked to be a part of Vinny’s journey to take on the world! The ride has only just begun and the wild ride around the world together awaits!” - Seadon Baker


Check out Vinny’s social: @vinnysarmstrong

Photo & Video Credit: Blake Pickup - Pickup-Media & Jay French - 

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand